698 km of competition have passed in the Mitsubishi Motors Desafío Inca 2018, and none of the competitors had guarantee the victory. With some variations on the race route compared to the first day, and a delayed start due to the weather conditions, the race closed its second chapter with an open finish. 

Benavides won the stage in Moto, but Andrew Short is the leader in the overall. Only 21 seconds separate the first four riders with 180 only km of special stage remaining and nothing is defined. 

Salvatierra dominates in Quads, Terranova and Weber in Cars, and Casey Currie in SxS. 

Moto: Benavides is back and Short is the new leader.

The argentine Kevin Benavides, after his premature abandonment in the Desafío Ruta 40 for a head concussion two weeks ago, returned to the action in the Mitsubishi Motors Desafío Inca 2018 and obtained the best time between the two specials on Saturday. Andrew Short from the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Racing, became the new leader of the race.

With a total time of 3h 55m 21s, the Monster Energy Honda Team rider managed to keep the best time of the day, followed by Red Bull KTM Racing’s Matthias Walkner at only 54s, and Paulo Goncalves in third position at 2m 55s.

In the overall classification, the american former Motocross rider, is the new leader of the race ahead of Walkner by 11.2s. The third place was for the team mate of the leader Pablo Quintanilla at 14.2s. Goncalves is 4th in overall standings at only 21.2s, a minimum difference for the closing of the race that will surely offer a tight definition.

Among the Promotional Motos, Ian Salazar keeps a great rhythm.

Quads: Salvatierra stretches his advantage

Juan Carlos Salvatierra consolidated his work among the Quads, after finishing another interesting performance. The bolivian rider showed a good job with his Barren Racer One by extending his lead in the general standings over his colleagues Ignacio Flores and Emilio Choy.

The stage was for Salvatierra after 4h 51m 13s. The second was for Nicolás Cavigliasso at 8m 27s and third, Ignacio Flores at 9m 20s.

Cars: Terranova and Webber near the target

The argentine Orlando Terranova had a good day and retains the preferential position among the cars T1.2 with diesel engine. Keeping the pace was his goal, after staying out of his Mini X-Raid since the end of the Dakar 2018.

In the T1.1, the peruvian Diego Webber is shaping up as a firm candidate to stay with his class.

SxS: Casey Currie remains as the leader

The North American continues to lead the SxS category with a Can Am Maverick enlisted by South Racing after performing an interesting race on Saturday’s stage. He is escorted by his teammates Reinaldo Varela at 54m 31s and Cristian Baumgart at 54m 54s.


Kevin Benavides | “Well the truth is that I am very happy. This has been a great stage for me, I felt comfortable. I came out from behind and pushed hard to get to the top and get together with the rest of the pilots. It has been two stages of much navigation, much off track. I wanted to recover the feeling”

Andrew Short | “For me to be with the fastest competitors is a great opportunity. I’m really enjoying participating in Peru “

Chavo Salvatierra | “It was an intense but entertaining day. Two consecutive days and everything goes according to plan. 1st place in today’s stage and we keep the first place in the general standings. The race is very nice “