ASO with Waiver and Peru customs have set up simplified customs procedure to cross the border Chile-Peru in Santa Rosa – Tacna.

To facilitate the border crossing between Chile and Peru, Waiver will be present to specifics dates and schedules :

Importants dates:
• Waiver assistance: – between the 06/09/2018 and the 09/09/2018 – 08h00 am to 08h00 pm

-  between the 17/09/2018 and the 19/09/2018 – 08h00 am to 08h00 pm

To benefit this process, you must contact Juan Perez de Waiver 2 weeks before the border crossing (arround the 31/08/2018) and sent the following documents and informations :

  • File number
  • ASO attestation
  • Copy of the vehicle green card
  • If the driver is not the owner, he must present Blue card o authorization by notary public to drive the vehicle and quit the country.
  • Annexe with the detail of all the merchandise you are carrying (Find attached). You can’t transport consumable like   combustible, oil, food…
  • Power of attorney to Waiver Logistics Peru sac (Find attached)
  • Date and schedule of the border crossing
  • Confirm if the vehicle Will be towed or will pass the border itself. / copy:

When you get to the frontier, please contact Luis Guerrero, Waiver, to process the crossing border easily
Tel : +51 998163179





WAIVER Customs Procedure


Packing list


Power of attorney