Dakar Challenge


At the time of starting its fifth season, the Dakar Challenge continues with its mission of spotting talents on the routes of much diversified rallies, where the perspective of the Dakar goes beyond young pilots. This year, 11 vehicles will obtain their places by standing out in South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Paraguay, and Peru.

A harsh first experience in 2015 for our Dakar Challenge Winners!
The winners of the 2014 Dakar Challenge particularly suffered the harshness of the Rally contested last January. Three out of nine vehicles were able to complete the Buenos Aires-Buenos Aires loop and the 9000km of the 2015 Dakar. Giuliano Giordana and Carlos Verza are to be congratulated for their 12th and 16th places respectively in the quad general classification, out of a total of 45 that started in the first stage!  In the motorbike category, Cristóbal Guldman came out combative again as he did in the 2014 Desafío Inca, when he won the Dakar Challenge, finishing in 51st place out of 161 motorbikes that started in Baradero. All of them are deserving winners of the Dakar Challenge who were able to obtain a spot among the best of the 2015 Dakar as well. Again, these three pilots exemplify the fact that the Dakar Challenge category attracts great talents to the most demanding rally in the world, the Dakar.

It is worth recognizing the results of the winners of the Dakar Challenge of previous years who obtain better results year after year. The excellent performance of young Argentinian pilot Jeremías González Ferioli, winner of the Dakar Challenge 2013, is to be highlighted as he obtained the 2nd place in the quad category. This category was highly fought over along the entire rally, but in the end he was able to place himself between the winner Rafal Sonik and Walter Nosiglia, very experienced pilots. On the other hand, Chilean pilot Jeremías Israel Esquerre, who had to abandon the marathon stage in Cachi, has been able to get a spot for this 2015 Dakar in the HRC official structure. This allowed the Japanese team to count on him when Joan Barreda, first pilot of this team rows, most needed him. Finally, we have to take a look at Víctor Gallegos, a pilot that never misses a Dakar Series after having won the Dakar Challenge in the 2013 Desafío Inca. His victory in the 2013 Dakar Challenge made his present team, the TAMARUGAL XC RALLY TEAM, notice him. In this 2015 Dakar, Víctor was able to get the victory in the 9th stage between Iquique and Calama.

Six countries, three continents, 11 places for the 2016 Dakar
In its 2015 world tour, the Dakar Challenge has 11 registrations for the winners of 6 different races throughout the world. The three categories will be represented in the Dakar Series events in Argentina (Desafío Ruta 40) and in Paraguay (Desafío Guaraní). The third event of the Dakar Series, the Desafío Inca, will have two places for the 2016 Dakar in the Bike and Car categories. The main requirement to enroll in the Challenge is having never participated in the Dakar! Therefore, the three Dakar Series events will let 8 vehicles enter into the 2016 Dakar. The three remaining places will be given to the winners of South Africa, Mexico and Italy.

Calendar of the Dakar Challenge

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