Press Accreditation

Official accreditation process for the Desafío Inca 2015

Opening of the accreditation process for the Dakar Series “Desafío Inca” 2015, which will be held in Peru from the 10th to 13th of September.

From now on, all the journalists who wish to be accredited can send their application for this 3rd appointment of the Dakar Series Championship.

Please, find the accreditation application form underneath (for people and for vehicles). This document has to be completed in its totality (for the vehicles, it is compulsory to attach the required documents) and sent to, to the attention of Andrés Lino ( – +51 982950908) or Carlos Moreyra   ( – +51 959362485).

The journalists whom request is accepted will receive a confirmation mail, with all the details on the place and hour at which they must present to retrieve the documents respective to their accreditation.



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Press Contact: Andrés Lino Blancas – + 51 982950908